When Wheels Just Won't Work - Choose Strong Sled.

Strong Sled
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    Uses and benefits

    Use Over Any Terrain

    Slide your item gently over any terrain.

    • Gravel
    • Concrete 
    • Dirt 
    • Grass
    • Mud
    • Flag stone 

    Potential Uses

    • Potted Plants and Trees
    • Landscaping Stones
    • Statues and Yard Art
    • Fountains and Bird Baths
    • AC Units 
    • Limbs, Brush and Logs
    • Bags of Cement
    • Firewood
    • Potting Soil
    • Bags of Mulch
    • Refrigerator 
    • Washer and Dryer
    • Junk Removal
    • Heavy Trash 
    • And More

    Saves Time & Your Back

    • Never lift anything higher then a few inches
    • No more broken moving dollies
    • No more worrying about not being able to go over dirt and grass

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